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Monday, March 9, 2009

A Day with the Youths (Yutes)

On Saturday the guys and I tried to catch up a bit on our church stuff by watching some movies about cathedrals and buildings and such...technical difficulties ensued, but we had a good time (well, I did, but teenagers at 9am on a Saturday is never a sure thing to gauge) You know, it took anywhere from 50-80-100 years or more to build some of those massive European cathedrals. (I shudder to think how long it took to make a pyramid!) Basically the first people who donated money to those buildings never got to see it completed...could you imagine that today? Yes, we'd like you to donate $1 million dollars for a cathedral, but you'll never actually get to sit in it, unless, you live a really, really, long time...
Of course, Prairie Table does not have a building (although we wouldn' be opposed to something permanent, just for the convenience of it all...ah, the slippery slope of thing you know we'll be angling for comfort!), and the architecture of the internet is way beyond anything I could with Prairie Table's mission you can get going right away (and for free...well, whatever your web-service costs...)
The mission of Prairie Table is to develop people in their faith formation so they can minister in God's world. The main formation is getting people to share and talk about their faith...which for some people is darn hard to do...Our weekly conversations around the table are just primers for the rest of the week, as we meet people, and offer the promise of love in God through Jesus Christ...
The youths, lounging around on the coaches watching "Luther" with Joseph Fiennes, probably missed that aspect of our time together, but they are young, and they will be afforded great opportunities to share God's love, with or without the cathedrals of our lives...

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