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Monday, July 27, 2009

Mission is the mother of all theology!

The nineteenth Century German theologian Martin Kahler is the author of the title of this post. As old as the quotation is, it still has traction for me these days. However you wish to define "mission," the importance of the concept cannot be underestimated. Mission is what God is and by extension what we are about as God's people. How are we stewards of that ministry?

Mission is the sending promise of God into our world, and for Christians most notably in the sending of Jesus Christ as the savior of that promise. The question always is, in one form or another, how are we that promise in the world? Perhaps a story...a young woman lives her life trying to "figure it out." What she means by that, we all do I fit in? What are my gifts? Where are my passions directed? What are my interests? These questions are all fine and important but there are others as Who do I connect with and why? Where do I discover acceptance and hope? How do my days sustain the planet? My family, My friends? My self? (And for the theologically inclined: My God?)

I have the privilege to be part of a world that allows me to sit around and help people parse out the knots and tangles of our lives...I am graced by the generosity of so many to be able to talk with and walk with people as they discover the promise we all have from God...My mission, such as it is, is to be that ambassador of reconciliation, not only between people and God, but people and people, and even a person and his or her own self...Living that mission empowers me..."mothers" me so to speak so that I have the courage necessary to start up a conversation with a stranger, to accept the quirky on its own terms, and to be so bold as to suggest another, still more excellent way...the way of forgiveness, love, and promise...the way...of Jesus Christ.

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