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Monday, November 23, 2009

An end and a beginning

The last week was a little strange for me as I started by leaving for Minneapolis to be at the funeral of my best friend's, and longest friend, mother. I did not have a lot of aunts and uncles around when I was growing up, and Barb was often an adult who offered advice and humor (mainly sarcasm, as we were teenage boys) to our schemes and plans. The week ended, however, with another friend getting married, and a party in which the couple seemed genuinely happy. Like most of life...we just trundle on...

I ran into a woman though who wondered if I was worried about the end of the world. A new movie has come out in which the world is supposed to end in 2012. (Just my luck...right when the kids all leave the house, God ends the world.) But I don't really worry about that though. Here's why.

First, our own unique worlds can end at any ill-timed step off a curb, and the bus becomes the last thing you inadequately masticated piece of beef, and the taste of death is upon general, death does not worry me. But the main reason I do not worry much about death--my own or the world's--is because I realize my life is not mine to own. God made me, God owns me, and God has to deal with me. (Not easy, as my children can attest to.)

Because my life is in God's hands, its length and vivacity are not concerns of mine. God is good enough for me in this life, and God will be good enough for me in the next. (Thank you for that Joe Sittler.) So I enjoy as much of this world as I can...whether it's a good bourbon, or a healthy hour of exercise with Chris, or even a planning meeting with a council...we try to enjoy the beauty, and serve the people, and the world around us.

I can't remember my beginning much...and who will I tell about my end? I figure if anybody knows that, it would be the guy who died on a cross 2000 years ago just so questions like that can be answered...because the purpose of life is not to worry about death and destruction, but to the beginning and all the way until the end.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, Scott. I have your blog saved in "my favorites." Happy thanksgiving. Desiree'