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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thanksgiving at Prairie Table

Probably no holiday more captures the essence of how I see Prairie Table than Thanksgiving. In my dreams, this is what I envision
 Look at that table! What's not to like? Good, sturdy, mission-style design, a turkey (my favorite protein), and too many side dishes to note. Wow!

Somewhere on that table is God too...because here's what Thanksgiving looks like in the Christian tradition
 The biggest difference? Where's the food? In Christian understandings of thanksgiving, the food is secondary to the presence of God amidst the people of God. At its best, Prairie Table has the food, the people, and Jesus Christ.

Of course, our consumer-crazy society has decided to make Thanksgiving just another shopping day. As greed is completely corrosive and pervasive, this was only inevitable. As my grandfather used to say, "never underestimate the power of greed." (Grandpa was a salesman.) My other grandpa used to tell me--long before Emeril Lagasse made is famous--that "bacon makes everything better." (He worked for Amour meats.)

So this Thanksgiving I hope there are people around your table. I hope there is food. And I trust the presence of God will be there. Somewhere amongst all the laughing, the stories, the cranberries, the turkey, the ham, the Packers and the Lions, the looking forward to Christmas, I hope your Thanksgiving is blessed. After all, that is why we live at the table of our Lord.

May your tables be full, and your conversations be true.

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