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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

And Winter is here...great. Really great.

So the Camaro got stuck going up our driveway the other day because of the ice from a Winter storm. Our driveway is FLAT. I am back to driving the truck for awhile. Whenever I put away the Camaro for the season, I get a bit antsy. For one thing, I miss satellite radio. Little Steven's "Underground Garage" and its zany DJs are some of my greatest sources of entertainment. Here's a song I heard on that station not too long ago. Listen up.  Yeah. Those guys. (As an aside, I am always amazed when I hear Ron Wood play the guitar. He's one of the great guitarists in rock and roll, and he's not even the best guitarist in his own band!) My daughter once asked me why I listen to that station and I said, "Because it's the only place I know where I might get a Jack White song. Here's your bonus song for the week. 

Winter has hit our little village here in Omaha, and all the laughter now has shuttered up behind the draperies. Cars and wind blow up and down street, but we patiently wait for Spring. This climate change stuff is really wreaking havoc with my memories. I was born in the Winter; well, technically 2 days before Winter starts, in Minnesota. It was cold on that day, and it's been cold on my birthday ever since. Even living in Texas my birthday only got up to 59 degrees once. (That is the highest temperature I've ever had on my birthday that I recall.) Now it's cold when it was hot, hot when it was cold. I get confused using the weather as my barometer of memory these days.

Maybe that's a good thing? Maybe my memory needs an adjustment? Maybe I've become too set on things I "think" I know, and over the years I've become certain, in spite of the best available evidence to the contrary? Winter, in its celestial freeze, brings up short the ideas, thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that have languished in my mind. The crisp reality of the Winter Wind attacks the pretentiousness of my Summer Breezes.

But I trust God loves me. Winter or Summer, night or day, good times or bad times, I trust God remembers my name. I have had the good fortune to not be wrecked by love. People are pretty faithful to me, and I have appreciated that over the years. If I've been thrown under the bus, I do not know about it, or have no memory of it. I've been blessed with the best of friends, and I am truly grateful.

About once a month I take out my phone and scroll through the contacts list. I say a prayer for each and every person. I have great memories of them. (I even keep my friends who have died on my phone just for the monthly prayer.) Some of them I haven't talked to for years. Some I only keep up with on Facebook. But I have fond memories of them all. That is how I understand grace.

Grace is God casting loving energy my way through the friends and family of my life. What a wonder to behold...on a the freezing cold. I can't wait til Spring.

May your tables be full and your conversations be true.

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