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Monday, January 5, 2015

A New Year. Happy New Year!

2014. A year of interesting things...
     --my dad died in January. I miss him every day. I never went more than a week or two talking to my dad (even if I had to call collect--do we do collect calls anymore?) and now it's almost been a year. Wow. I love you dad.  (and mom too!)

--Chris and I got snowed OUT of Minnesota. That's right, it snowed so hard in Iowa that we couldn't get to Minnesota...that is how January 2014 ended.

--I got to spend a wonderful year with the folks of Shepherd of the Hills, Omaha, NE. Our Easter worship was so inspiring. May God bless their future. 

                            --this summer I got to grow a sunflower (first time ever), and started on rhubarb and strawberry beds...for the pie of course! 

--I met Don Henley in September, and talked to him about raising kids and church.

         ---in the Fall I got to go to LA (Hollywood) to pick up Maddy and move her back with us. Chris Pine bumped my shoulder at The Pikey. I should have sued. Here's a complimentary Chris Pine photo.  (Yes, he plays James Tiberius Kirk.)

--started up with a new congregation in Blair, NE called First Lutheran Church. They are an excellent group of people, and I look forward to many good times with them. 

In 2015 I am scheduled to be a grandfather...

Even more amazing is how the years seem to blur as so many people run in and out of my life. (besides, Mr. Henley and Mr. Pine.) The Spirit of God blows across time like one of those North Dakota tumbleweeds used to blow across my yard. It just keeps going and going and going.

But I also feel that God connects me to so many of you, both in real time, and on Facebook, and cherished memories. That is so cool that God puts no limits on friends...I feel more connected through the activities of God's Spirit than so many other things that try to connect me. Schools come and go (and I have graduated enough to earn a death by degrees.) Congregations come and go. Groups come and go...but friends remain. I picked up some good friends in 2014, and I got to relish in the lives of so many other good friends. It was a good year.

May your tables be full and your conversations be true.

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