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Monday, October 5, 2015

Receiving the Little Children

That sermon is one that I actually like. I hope it makes some sense to you. I do wonder why we obsess about divorce so much, when we seem to care so little for the kids? I applaud all the judges, social workers, counselors, and others who seek to make life bearable for children of divorce. Thank you.

Too often we want to make the Kingdom of God something that God owes us. Something that we deserve. I wonder why we have this attitude? What is it about us that we want to subsume than which is clearly outside of our control into something we control? It's a mystery to me...but we do.

I do believe Jesus of Nazareth knew more about us and our proclivities to control more than even we do--and we act on those proclivities all the time, he never did it appears. But somehow he found it within his relationship to God to make forgiveness even more expansive than our need to control. And he gives that gift to us. Amazing.

Here's some Swedish soul-music to cap off this post. My grandmother used to hum this tune to me when I was a child...she knew how to receive children.

May your tables be full and your conversations be true.

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