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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I wish all my readers a blessed 2016!Image result for happy new year I want to dream out 50 years from now to 2066. (The recent birth of my grandson has led my thoughts to wondering what the world will be like when he is my age.) I will be dead; I hope for about 25 years. (I just realized that it looks like I'll be dying around 2039 or so. Never thought of that before...maybe another blog post?)

Who knows what kind of world my young grandson will be a part of? Climate change is going to have a lot to say about that I am sure. Where he lives and how he lives depends completely upon whether life is available to him or not. My daughter, who is a true millennial, hasn't really contemplated her future, and she is still in shock that she has lived this long. But there is no reason to think the world will end just because the climate changes? But it will be a radically new world perhaps...

That's what is most interesting to me. Since I have no sentimentality (I have a former girlfriend who has patiently been waiting for 35 years for me to let her know when I get my first sentiment. Maybe next year, Carla.), I really don't care about whether things we currently find valuable are still in existence. Here's some things I hope aren't around in 50 years:
Professional Sports (what's the point?)
Air conditioning. (Henry Miller was right.)
Fruits and vegetables in alcohol (they're drinks, not salads)
War (seems like every list should have this one on it)
Homeland Security (greatest illusion ever accomplished by politicians. Clearly there is no such thing)

If we eliminated these things, the world would be a better place...let's start with the fruits and vegetables in alcohol.

Here's some things I hope are around in 50 years
Sustainable food and water for everyone (world hunger is the biggest problem we have)
Blues clubs (actually I want to see art everywhere celebrating creativity and freedom)
Total equality for all of God's people, (with distinctions based upon needs and desires of a sustainable world)
My grandson (and I will now let Carla know that she has to wait no longer.)

One thing I don't worry about 50 years from now is whether God will be around or not. God was here before the world, and I am sure God will be here after it too. That's the funny thing about the God of Jesus Christ--there is never any doubt that God is around this planet and universe doing things. But what is in doubt is whether humans will be around? That's why Jesus came to earth, not to teach us how to be God, but save us from ourselves, and our inability to trust our humanity and the gifts of love we have all been given. Do you trust yourself? What's your plan?

May your tables be full and your conversations be true.

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