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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Taking What the world hates

In a world created by God, (a key point to understanding Christianity by the way. I am one of those who believes God redeems the world so that God can create the world), you have to take the good and the bad...and most of us struggle with this at some one wants the unwanted, the folks left by society at the side of the road...they are clearly wrong, right? That's why we left them behind? But for us Christians the world is not so simple...

Christianity gets itself into a lot of trouble by taking on unpopular people...(and we should always be about people, not "issues," but we often forget that point)...We befriend those who have taken advantage of us, our friends, our neighbors...not even because we want to or even because we have to...mostly I think it is because we know that but for some lucky bounces our way (a good parent, a trusting friend, a faithful partner, a loving child) we too would be on the outside looking in...We want to attribute any success we have to hard work, dedication, intelligence, pluck, whatnot...but the reality is such that we are all always just a heartbeat was true when we were three, when we were thirty, and will always be so...(I've yet to do a funeral for someone alive!)

Our God blushes with the splendor of a good Chianti, urges us to heights of trust and discovery, calms us with whispers of promise and it enough in a world of brutal hunger, devastating cruelty, pervasive cynicism, and distrust? Perhaps not...but it is all we have...the open hands of a loving God.

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