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Monday, August 10, 2009

Trundling On...

It has been a hard week up here on the prairie...we've had a lot of death recently, and sometimes she just catches up to you...and time has come...and a heartbeat.
I had a funeral for a woman whose cancer ravaged her body in a few short months...requiescat in pace. A young man committed suicide, and left three small children...there are no words for that pain...a man younger than me had a cancer that took his life in eight days... 8!....Who comprehends at such speeds?...Another young man, twenty years younger than me, loses his life in a car there no justice?
So we have struggled a bit to find solid footing amidst all this death...but somehow, as our thoughts turn to the Fall harvest, the ending of a productive time, we sing and dance a tune of Why?
At some level it may be a coping mechanism to believe there is more to life than meets the living...maybe it's an illusion so grand as to be a facade (pick all the rock album titles in that line!)...but maybe...and this is a big is true...on some level at least...that God who yearns for life, yearns for beauty, yearns for us...and that longing does not die just because we do...because the yearning comes from a God who lives...a God who aches for us to live too...and who aches when our hearts ache...when we trundle a world where friends die...

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