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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Defining the Story of Jesus

We spent some time tonight at Prairie Table trying to get the six most important things about the life of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ of God straight in our minds. Each of us had a few details different (after all, we only allowed ourselves six things...which six would you choose?) I know we are suppose to be a "Book of Faith" people, but it is faith, not "book" which is the operative term for us at PTM. No Book, not even the Bible, has ever saved anyone...the Word of God...yes, that, no doubt, has saved more than a few...

So we focused on the Word of God (Jesus Christ and his promises) for tonight. Many had the promise carried in a miracle or two, a parable, the Lord's Prayer, and even the story about Mary and Martha. There was lots to choose from and we did make many and various choices...But, all of us had the cross...all of us had the resurrection...what does that say?

We live by the power of the Spirit...and as such, the life of Jesus Christ makes sense when we can give a version that has power and meaning for us, corporately and individually. So, when you tell people about who Jesus is, what stories about him do you use? What things did he do that affects your faith...and finally, who your God is?

What a joy to have such people like the PTM folks, and Jesus, in my life.

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