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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How new is "new?"

An ago-old question, that maybe fifty plus years can help me discern? Probably not. I remember listening to a Van Morrison interview a few years ago where he remarked that there is nothing new in music anymore. To him, it was the people who commented? Not so much.

Most of the younger people wanted to hold out and believe that something new was still possible in music. And it may be...but probably not from Van Morrison. Maybe Macklemore or Kendrick Lamar? Maybe the next person Kanye West produces? (Did you know that all-time, Kanye West is second in Grammy Awards, tied with Allison Krauss, and behind Georg Solti? Which name is most surprising to you of the top three?)

Of course, I deal with God mostly, and a 4000 year old book. My chances of finding anything new are slimmer than Kanye's. There is some sense of "newness" even if there is really nothing new. For example, I'm pretty sure our recent understanding of God and creation of gay people is not something people assumed years ago, if ever. And that's really all you have to change in order to see where our thinking and behavior on homosexuals have come from in the past 50 years or so. God makes people gay. God makes people black. God makes people male. God makes people to love and grow, even people who have had bad luck at birth, or with cancer, or with drunk drivers. We are all made to love and grow.  Some of us have more struggles towards that than others. But all of us were made for love and to love.

Things are new because circumstances are new. Being a grandfather is new to me, although there have been grandfathers for thousands of years before me. But for me to discover something "new" about grandparenting is a bit silly. I may never have had the pleasure of seeing a grandson hug his mom (my daughter), but plenty of grandpas have. New can only take you so far. As far as YOU go.

That's why I am so fascinated with God. God promises to be with each of us in our journey, not just some corporate, cosmic spin on the third rock from the sun that we are all part of in this race. As I live and grow, God goes along with me (and against me, if I'm being honest), just as God does with all of us in our unique, separate journeys together. That is what is cool about God, we're all different. We're all alike.

May your tables be full and your conversations be true.

Van Morrison for your listening pleasure.

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