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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Freedom from the cross...for the world

Continuing my never-ending saga of transition from Bismarck to Omaha, I had an interesting conversation with one of my movers (the folks who move our stuff). Turns out he lives in Omaha...turns out he grew up in Omaha...turns out it's too hot for him in Omaha, so he wants to move to Colorado or something to go fishing...turns out he gave me the history of Omaha in the 20 minutes we wandered around going through stuff to be moved.

Now this is not your official Omaha history. This is the history that comes from living within its circle for 35 years. History that comes with a son, history that comes from parents, history that comes from hard work, sweat, and the determination to do things right.

And this kind of history needs a cross of Christ to make's not going to be all the glitz and glamour, the wealth and stuff you hear about from the Chamber of history is built on the backs of folks taking things step-by-step with suffering and toil as your companion for most of the years.

So isn't it good to know there's a God who not only understands suffering and loss, but in the resurrection of Jesus gives the world a way to see that death is not the end of a relationship with God? From the cross we receive a freedom to, with, under, and for the world (and even against it sometimes.)

My opinion of Omaha didn't change much because I assumed such stories were there...I just didn't think I'd received confirmation of those assumptions while I was still in Bismarck.

The driver saw the booze we have sitting out (it can't be packed) and must be consumed by folks in Bismarck (strange but I have lots of volunteers for that project???), and he said, I want to go to your wife's church. He knows where it is... he said, and I said he and his son could always sit with me. After all, it's almost my first time there too.

I meant the church, I said...because we've both been to the cross a few times. Yeah, he nodded, that's for sure.

May your tables be full and your conversations be true.

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