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Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Sunday Morning Comin' Down

For most of my adult life Sunday mornings have been the most hectic days of the week...and I realize that is in stark contrast to many people, and certainly the people of TV and advertising for whom Sunday mornings are idyllic brunches, coffee, and a leisurely read newspaper. Not so for pastors...we're more like pro football players for whom Sunday mornings are preparations, final touches, reviews of plans before a game (worship service in pastors' cases) begins.

But I have just two Sundays left in Bismarck, and today a nice fog has rolled in...which means cooler weather which means Fall is coming which means hunting season in almost here. But this Sunday has a certain relaxedness to it even though I leave for church in a few minutes...Almost everything I own that I care about can fit into my new Camaro...I thought I would need a truck, but it turns out I don't...I don't care about enough stuff to fill a truck (and--yes--I have room in the car for my wife...geesh!!)

I cannot believe how much I've seen and learned about our God from the people up here in North has been a true blessing to meet people like Jay, Jean, Laura, and Laine who put me up eight years ago. People like Laurie, Tom, Erin, Beth, Monroe, Mark, Duane, Chris, Trisha, Tim, and all the others who made working so fun. People like Bruce L, Bob, Ron, and Bruce K, Jen, Josie, Amber, and Claire who kept me sane while the world spun out of control...countless parishioners and folks who made their lives available to me in hospitals, congregations, bars, restaurants, gas stations, stores, and wherever so I could see God at work in the world. All the folks like Jerry and Marla, Bob and Nancy, Steve and Max, Gary--even John, Jim, Marci, Evelyn, Ron and Darlene, Bob and Joanne, Marv and Lois, Bev, Con and Gen, the sisters and their families, Shirley and Mike, Jerry and Char, Dick and Marilyn who supported me in prayer and money over the years. Amazing to see God in action through them.

There are way too many people to name them all, and I am sure some will be forgotten, and I hope many can be remembered.'s almost time for church...although we've been doing thatever since I landed in this town...thanks to everyone.

May your tables be full and your conversations be true.

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Anonymous said...

Jerry and I both want to let you know how much we appreciate all you and Chris did for both our personal and spiritual lives. You may leave Bismarck but you will never be forgotten. Safe travels and God Bless!