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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

On beginning again...

You would think at my age I wouldn't be starting all over again.

At least this was somewhat my choice, as Chris and I contemplated our future a couple of years ago, and realized starting over wouldn't be the worst thing...I feel badly for those my age who have to start over because their job has been downsized, or they have lost a life partner, or some other unforseen accident of life.

So it's on to meeting new people, and as leaders of communities this is easier for people like me and Chris than it is for others who find themselves plopped into the middle of a new city, a new world--and wonder who to trust or turn to?

I really wish I was better at staying in contact with people whom I've known over the years. My track record is not good for most I know. I don't know what it is...I get so caught up in living right now that I forget about my past (until I remember something for a sermon!). I am always pushing towards a future...and I guess I'm starting to realize there isn't as much future as there used to be when I was younger.

In theology we used to note the difference between those for whom the future was important to their understanding of God, and those for whom God is now became the dominant force. I am a theologian--and person as well--for whom the future has always been vitally important. Not because I didn't like today or care about today, but exactly the opposite.

Because I am having so much fun right now, because I enjoy my life a lot (even though the past eight months have not been my most fun separated from my wife), I can't wait to see what's going to happen next!! There is still so much I want to see--San Sebastian and Ireland--another Broadway play--Christmas Eve worship at St. John the Divine--I'd like to try and meet the Pope (don't ask...but suffice it to say that we probably don't agree)--I want to see my kids continue to travel these roads of life--I love hearing about my former youth group kids being parents, about former interns who are leading with the composure and skill I saw in their younger days--about students who are doing great things for God's church--all this makes me very happy.

So why not start over again? Some friends never get this, as that is not their goal in life--some are jealous that I get a reboot every seven to nine years--but most know that as my friend you are always part of my life. I remember you all, and I pray for you all, even if you haven't talked to me in decades. Because the unity we share in God is eternal--and we might not be together, but we are united in God's love-and that's why I can start over--because that love grounds me no matter where I am or who is with me--that love is all I need...well, that--and a great partner, wonderful friends, and a fast car.

May your tables be full, and your conversations be true.

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